Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Claudio Scolari, Daniele Cavalca & Simone Scolari: Natural Impulse

Restless energy and a dark lyricism are the key characteristics of Natural Impulse, an intriguing hour of sounds generated by the trio of Claudio Scolari, Daniele Cavalca & Simone Scolari. Various combinations of instruments underlie the inquisitive trumpet played by Simone Scolari. Cavalca and Claudio Scolari play all the other instruments, and are credited with composing and producing the music. From those facts, I would hazard a guess that they conjured up the backing tracks and then had Simone Scolari play over them. I suppose it’s also possible that they played live with trumpet, then overdubbed additional material. But no matter how they put this music together, it happily retains a spontaneous feeling. The unpredictably mutating mesh of synths, bass, drums and percussion, piano, electric piano, and vibes is endlessly engaging and full of surprising juxtapositions. Chasing Inspiration is a favorite, with trumpeter Scolari soaring over the spacious synthesizer and drum backing. The trumpeter lays out on the title track, a slowly percolating groove featuring Cavalca’s piano with overdubbed bass and drums. He also sits out the synth-heavy and spaced out Uptown Night Trip. Vibes, drums and synths begin the absorbing Insomnia, which develops into a stuttering rhythm as Scolari’s trumpet matches wits with Cavalca’s synthesizer gurgles and beeps. Hard to describe, perhaps, but Natural Impulse is an easily accessible and fertile mix of electric and acoustic sounds. A fun disc, easily recommended.
Principal CSDC 06; Simone Scolari (tpt) Claudio Scolari (d, perc, synth) Daniele Cavalca (synth, Fender Rhodes el p, vib, b; d on*); no recording information; Unknown Destination*/ American Skyscrapers/ Chasing Inspiration*/ Natural Impulse/ Moon Mood/ Dear John/ Uptown Night Trip*/ Insomnia*/ Over the Horizon/ South Hemisphere; 60:56.

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